The Life to Eagle Seminar (L2E) started in the Eagle Scout Association in January 2012 to help Life Scouts complete the journey to Eagle Scout. The Life to Eagle Seminar provides teaching, motivation, and guidance to help Scouts overcome some of the most common difficulties on the road to Eagle Scout including the difficulty of the project, loss of focus, and lack of information.

Mike Hohmann is the creator of this project, started in May, 2012. The seminar series is currently guided by John Nelson


The seminar is held three times per year, once in January, May, and September. Traditionally, the seminar is held on a Thursday night from 6:30-8:00pm.

Documents and Presentations

  • Main flyer – Download and change the dates & time then save as a PDF for distribution.
  • Picking an Eagle Project – A presentation about how to select an Eagle Project, created by John Untener, former Project of the Year Chairperson.
  • Project Management for Eagle Scouts – Created by Kevin Carroll, a professional project manager, this presentation is an overview of the most important aspects to leading a successful Eagle Scout project.
  • New Eagle Workbook & Changes – A quick overview to the biggest changes to the Eagle Scout Workbook, Created by Matt Scherocma, former ESA Steering Committee Chairperson.
  • Eagle Scout Project Documentation – This workbook will lead you through the process of creating, managing, and completing a successful Eagle Scout project. This workbook was created by Rich Alden, an Eagle Coordinator with Blue Jacket who has sat on more Eagle Board of Reviews than anyone in Dan Beard Council.